HMC Assets LLC acquires and manages portfolios of distressed debt purchased from banks, financial institutions, and U.S. government sponsored enterprises including HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. Much of our non-performing and re-performing loan purchases are financed utilizing repo credit lines and/or are subsequently securitized.

Exclusive Access to Real Estate

HMC Assets is one of the largest buyers of non-performing loans in the country, and we make these investments available to you for purchase through our proprietary Investor Portal.

While the amount of delinquent loans being sold at foreclosure auctions has plateaued and is falling, many banks and GSE’s like HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, still hold a tremendous amount of non-performing loans (NPL). HMC Assets is an active buyer of these pools of loans which can range in size from just 10 to as many as 5,000.

Once purchased, HMC’s in-house team of professional asset managers determine the best resolution to each loan. The assets that get loaded onto the Portal are the cooperative short sale and REO properties, delivered free and clear of all liens, taxes, and judgments.

What makes these investments special? Our REO properties are not yet listed on the MLS - here you will find product that you cannot find anywhere else. And our short sales are cooperative, meaning that negotiations will take minutes, not months, like with traditional banks. No more time wasted on short sales—you’ll have access to us, the lender, for quick decisions on pricing and quick closings.

Investment Property Portal

We built our Investor Portal to facilitate an easy-to-use exchange for realtors and investors to acquire off-market properties and short sales, and simultaneously to solve a common pain point for all real estate professionals—a lack of inventory.

We update the portal’s inventory every day. Utilizing our property search function, you will find property details including photos, property specifications, and location. If it’s an REO property, the listing agent will be identified and a minimum acceptable bid price is posted.

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Our Leadership

Gary McCarthy and Jim Helfrich established HMC Assets in 2009 to source, 
acquire, manage and liquidate pools of non-performing residential home loans.

Gary W. McCarthy

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Previously, Gary was the president of Great Point Partners—the founder and developer of the Great Harbor Yacht Club (Nantucket, MA) and other residential and commercial real estate developments. Earlier in his career, Gary spent a decade as a trader, and ultimately partner and director of Vitol SA, Inc., one of the largest independently owned international oil-trading firms in the world. From 1979 to 1982, Gary worked for the Mobil Oil Corporation (Supply & Distribution), after receiving his B.S. in Economics from Colby College.

Jim Helfrich

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Prior to HMC, Jim had been the Managing Principal of Belvedere Assets, LLC, a San Francisco based real estate investment firm active nationally in both residential and commercial assets. Jim began his career as Director of Acquisitions at Consolidated Capital, a National Real Estate Syndication firm. Jim graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics and received his MBA from Pepperdine University.

Jim Raezer

Head of Capital Markets

Vincent Ciardullo

Director of Capital Markets

Barry Smith

Director of Asset Management

Our Team

HMC's success would not be possible without its team of experienced asset managers, real estate professionals who are experts in handling the ups and downs of real estate cycles. Though not always possible, their primary goal is to get loans re-performing. This team determines the best resolution on an individual property basis, offering multiple resolutions to the borrower, including modifications, principal write down, and short sales.

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Our Affiliates

HMC Assets and Wedgewood merged operations on August 1, 2014. Wedgewood, is a vertically integrated realty company that manages, rehabilitates, markets and sells foreclosed properties utilizing in-house sales and escrow services. Wedgewood is the largest flip player in the California REO market and also has a strong presence in Nevada, Arizona, and Washington and other west coast states.

In 2014, we established Civic Financial Services to provide private money loans to investors in the "fix-and-flip" and "buy-to-rent" space. Civic originates 1-4 year non-owner occupied investor loans that are competitively priced and funded on tight timelines leveraging Wedgewood's proprietary asset valuation underwriting platform. Furthermore, HMC's Preferred Investor Program makes its cooperative short sale listings and pre-list REO available to investors and provides direct access to the lender to negotiate and streamline the short sale transaction, taking minutes rather than months to negotiate. Preferred Investors Program 

Adjacent Businesses

Partnership Opportunities

We are looking to build strategic relationships with realtors, mortgage brokers, and investors who are interested and active in the distressed real estate market. Through us, you have a unique opportunity to buy directly out of our inventory of cooperative short sales and pre-list REO.

The relationships we build today will define our collective success tomorrow. Let’s partner up.

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Our Commitment to Strengthening Communities

At HMC Assets, we believe in hard work and doing good and that those two philosophies must happen together. We want to make the world a better place in both small and large ways. Through our charitable giving, volunteer service, and sustainable initiatives, HMC Assets strives to give back to the community for the greater good.



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