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HMC’s client portal enables investors to search for and bid on properties. With our portal, you have access to:

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Search and Filter for Properties

  • Filter properties by sales type:
Standard Sale, REO, or Short Sale
  • Filter properties by property type:

    SFR, Condo, PUD, 2-4 Units, Manufactured Home, 5 units, Triplex, Duplex, DBLW, MH
  • Filter properties by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the total square footage.
  • Search for properties by State, County, City or Address.
  • Display results in either or a List or Map view.
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Interactive Property Maps

  • Save your list of favorite properties.
  • Create notes on properties.
  • See property details.
  • Place a bid from the map view.
  • See listing agent details to easily get in touch.
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Online Bids Submission

  • Bid on properties through the Investor portal.
  • Specify offer price, preferred closing date, financing terms and more with your bids.
  • Quickly reach out to the HMC team for assistance.

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How it Works

Recent Deals Through the Investment Portal

Our preferred investment portal gives you exclusive access to hundreds of REO 
and short sale investment properties available for sale. Here are a few that have recently sold.

Pomona Park, FL
Purchase Price $37,500
San Jose, CA
Purchase Price $520,000
Miami, FL – Apartment
Purchase Price $105,000
Miami, FL – SFR
Purchase Price $110,000
Pacoima, CA
Purchase Price $410,000
Miami, FL
Purchase Price $350,000
Tampa, FL
Purchase Price $79,900
Marianna, FL
Purchase Price $75,000
Hialeah, FL
Purchase Price $91,000
Venice, FL
Purchase Price $90,000
Fresno, CA
Purchase Price $471,000
Corona, CA
Purchase Price $385,000
Miami, FL
Purchase Price $99,000
Plant City, FL
Purchase Price $124,000
Homestead, FL
Purchase Price $260,000
Beverly Hills, CA
Purchase Price $1,250,000
Gardena, CA
Purchase Price $245,000
New Port Richey, FL
Purchase Price $30,000
New Port Richey, FL
Purchase Price $30,000
Pembroke Pines, FL
Purchase Price $335,000
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